Car Rentals In Cebu for Tourists and Locals

Car Rentals in Cebu

Where do you want to travel in Cebu? The island is filled with beautiful beaches, exotic tourist locations, and amazing shopping. Trying to get around to all the destinations you want to visit by trike and jeepney will drive you crazy. The best option is to investigate options for car rentals in Cebu so you have the freedom to go where you want. Car rentals in Cebu come in many forms. You can hire a car in Cebu with a driver to take you to all the destinations you want to visit. Sometimes this is the best choice, especially if you are not familiar with the area. The driver knows how to get through traffic, find obscure tourist sites, and guide you to amazing restaurants you would never find on your own. Another option is to rent a car or van without a driver. You get greater freedom to travel like you want. You will save a little money by not hiring a driver, but make sure you get directions to all of your destinations and take along a map. Ask the car rental location if they sell maps of Cebu City and Cebu. If they do not have them, you can stop at a local 7-11 store and buy a map. Tourists to Cebu should take a few minutes to call their auto insurance company before traveling to the Philippines. Many international insurance companies offer extended auto insurance to protect you when you rent a car in Cebu Philippines, or other countries around the world. This gives you greater assurance when you rent a car in Cebu. Do you know where you plan to visit in your rental car? Here are a few of the destinations we recommend. Kawasan Falls is a beautiful waterfall. You can drive near the falls and then hike the remaining distance to enjoy the falls. The Simala Shrine is another destination you should not miss. This ancient building is one of the most beautiful architectural creations in the Philippines and though the Kawasan Falls couple of hours of travel, a car rentals in Cebu could help you get there and avoiding to get lost with their local driver. Are the children ready for fun? Then drive your rental car over to St. James Amusement park in Mandaue. You and your children will have hours of fun enjoying the rides. Do you want to do a little shopping in Cebu? Then it is time to drive to the Ayala Center in Cebu City. You may even want to take the time to watch a movie at the fantastic theaters inside. Do you want to take a journey back in history? Magellan's Cross is on display on display in Cebu. This cross dates back to the time when Magellan arrived in the Philippines changing the course of the country forever. As you see, there are many things to do in Cebu, and we are just showing you a few. You can visit all of these locations and hundreds more by car. You will discover car rentals in Cebu, with or without a driver, are inexpensive and a great investment in enjoying the island. Escape the limitations of buses, trikes, and jeepney, and explore Cebu the way you want. Cebu Trip Rent a Car is your top car rental Cebu service provider that is available 24/7 to provide you with your needs. Contact us now to book your road trip with us! Image courtesy of imagerymajestic
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