4 Tips For Avoiding Heavy Traffic In Cebu, Phillippines

Over the past few years, traffic in Cebu, Phillippines has been getting progressively worse. Getting through the city is more challenging than ever, with traffic-related delays becoming more and more commonplace. <br /><br />There are a number of reasons why the traffic problems exist. Buses and taxis often make stops in undesignated places, bringing the traffic behind them grinding to a halt. Add to that motorcycles that weave in and out of traffic, cars that are parked illegally alongside the roads, seemingly never ending road construction, and drivers who don't follow traffic laws and you have a recipe for a traffic nightmare.<br /><br />Fortunately, with some careful planning, you can avoid the worst of the traffic problems, making it easier to get wherever you need to go. Here are some tips that can help:<br /><br /><strong>1. Look for alternate routes.</strong> If you commute the same way each day, spend some time looking for some different routes you could take that would get you to the same destination. Taking side streets or roads that are a bit off the beaten path can reduce the amount of traffic you have to deal with. Even if these roads take you slightly out of your way, you may still find that they get you to your destination more quickly than a road with heavier traffic, simply for the fact that you won't have to deal with delays.<br /><br /><strong>2. Use a GPS device that provides traffic details.</strong> Many of today's GPS devices are capable of providing current traffic information. This can help you spot potential problems on the roadway ahead so that you can take a different route if needed.<br /><br /><strong>3. Try to travel during the least busy times of the day.</strong> While it may not always be possible, if you can plan your journeys during times when there is less traffic on the road, you won't have to deal with as many delays. If you work in Cebu, you may even want to ask your boss if you can change your schedule to a different time of day so that you can spend less time commuting to and from work.<br /><br /><strong>4. Ride your bike instead.</strong> Consider getting rid of your car and riding your bike wherever you need to go. That way, not only can you avoid getting stuck in traffic but you can also get a great workout.<br /><br />These tips should help you avoid the worst of the traffic in Cebu, Phillippines.
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