Tips On Renting A Self-Drive Car Rental in Cebu

Tips On Renting A Self-Drive Car Rental in Cebu

Renting a car to drive yourself around Cebu for the first time can be tricky for many. This is not because you will be new to the area, but due to the fact that Cebu is 2nd most populous metropolis in the Philippines. You also have to find a car rental company willing to rent you a car without their drivers. As tricky as it may seem, there are numerous self-drive car rentals that you could hire and use it for a day or two.

The best thing about self-drive cars for hire is that you never have to call a taxi or use the public means every time you want to go out or for shopping. It is also considerably much safer to drive yourself for as long as you know your way around town. Discussed below are a few tips and factors to consider if you plan to hire a self-drive car in the Philippines.

Tip #1: Window-shop for car rental companies in Cebu

This should be done days before jetting into the city. Although there may be numerous car rental companies in the city, it would be advisable to compare rates from different companies. Most of these companies have online portfolios, meaning you can log into their website and check out which cars they have, and how much they charge for self-drive rentals.

Tip #2: Contact the preferred car rental company early and make a booking.

Just as you would do with a hotel room, it’s advisable to contact the preferred car rental company and make a booking for the same. Although most of the bookings can be made online, try to discuss the terms via phone or email with the company representatives to iron out everything, including the type of car you need.

It would also be advisable to hire the right car for the job. If you plan on camping or off-roading, it would then be best to hire a four-wheel drive. If you however will be driving around town, a sedan or a saloon car will do the job. Cebu receives thousands of tourists and business executives every day, most of whom use these car rentals to navigate around the town. Making an early booking is therefore recommended.

Tip #3: Check the condition of the car before picking it.

This is very important when renting a self-drive car. The company will expect the car to be in the same condition as it was when you picked it. This is the reason you should check its condition and take note of any dents or other forms of damage on the car. Should you be involved in an accident, your insurance cover should be able to cover the damages; otherwise, you will pay for it in cash.

Tip #4: Be wary of hidden charges.

Most of the car rental companies in Cebu will charge extra fees for drivers under the age of 25. If you are under 25 years, you may want to know of other hidden charges that come with driving yourself. In addition to this, the company may charge a certain amount for distance covered when driving the car. Many of these cars have a GPS system and a tracking system that records everything.

Tip #5: Driving restrictions and returning the car.

Car rental companies in Cebu are very strict especially when it comes to self-drive rentals. Get to know whatever driving restrictions the company may have. This includes a valid driving license, driving on pavements or even going beyond the agreed distance. Returning the car can be tricky at times especially if you want to catch your flight in time. Nonetheless, some companies allow their clients to leave the car at the airport’s parking lot, but at a small fee.

Whether you are coming to Cebu for a vacation or a business trip, the best way to enjoy every moment here is by driving yourself. With car rental companies ensuring their cars are fitted with a GPS system, you can drive to almost any corner of the island. You however need to stay safe when driving alone by avoiding to drive at night, keeping the doors locked when in traffic, and knowing the maximum speed limits here among other factors.

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