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If you’re not familiar with the Philippines, it’s about time you started seriously considering it to be your next vacation destination. You’re talking pristine beaches, gorgeous waterfalls, unique historical sites and plenty of other cultural activities to enjoy. One site says one of the top beach destinations in Cebu is the Kalanggaman Islet.

The pictures of this place are going to look beautiful enough, but just wait until you arrive in person. This place looks like a Caribbean paradise, and one activity you might want to enjoy there is scuba diving. According to the reviews, this island isn’t going to be packed, which gives you that relaxing feel.

There are other places in Cebu where you can go scuba diving and snorkeling as well. It’s quite the popular activity there. In fact, there is a package I see for vacationers that is for six days of diving, and again, it says that this is a very private adventure. Not only do you get to see all the great things, but you don’t have tons of other people swarming around you. You can also go shark diving, and if that doesn’t tug at your adventurous side, I don’t know what will.

There is a site I’m looking at that lists the top 30 dive sites in Cebu. With so many to choose from, you might really want to see which one is the best or which one is closest along the road where you are staying. Of course, what is a visit to Cebu without a stop at Tumalog Falls? You can take some amazing photographs and of course just enjoy the natural beauty of this spectacular site.

Whale watching is also nearby, and that of course would be a unique experience as well. As for Tumalog Falls, according to the reviews, you should expect it to be more crowded than some of the other stops mentioned. There is also a historical tour you can go on while in Cebu, and part of the tour includes the Magellan cross.

If you visit the Magellan cross, you’re going to also pay a visit to Basilica Del Santo Nino, a beautiful church featuring very interesting architecture. There will be plenty of people at this location as well. You might also want to pay a visit to the Taoist Temple, Tops Lookout, the Lapu Lapu Statue and Kawasan Falls.

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Summer time always gives people the tourist feel that is ever refreshing. However it can be one very long period if all goes wrong with the means of transportation used. What then should a person do to make sure that all goes well during this period? The following article will give few powerful tip of how to get a good deal in hiring a vehicle. The cost, safety and the rules accompanied are cited.

First of all, a person should consider hiring from a well-known company. These popular hiring organizations tend to have more services accorded to the customer; including dispute resolution and round the clock services. Popular hiring companies also tend to be sophisticated in terms of vehicles used and are considerate on the customers’ needs. Their vehicles tend to be safer as they are well maintained. Its therefore vital to know who you are hiring from.

The second thing to check on is the cost. Make sure that the vehicle you are hiring consumes the amount of fuel you are able to cater for. Don’t hire a guzzler which will render you broke before you even start venturing. Consider getting a vehicle that is well maintained and consumes pocket friendly amount of fuel. Make your work easier by choosing an all-terrain vehicle.

Make sure that there is a good communication plan between you and the hiring company. This is in case a vehicle breaks down. It will be easier to sort out such problems with the knowledge of the company, lest you face penalties. Also check on the condition of the vehicle, its mileage and do a drive test for more than half a mile to ensure that you can maneuver around with it well.

Take note of the size of the vehicle. Consider having a spacious vehicle to assist in accommodating your entire luggage. This will also come in handy in the event that you have a big family. Check the GPS functionality of the vehicle and all those software that assist in maneuvering otherwise terrains.

In conclusion, hiring cars for summer can be a very quick process. But taking considerations of the above will assure you of a safe and smooth travel with the vehicle. It’s therefore a mandatory activity to take a step back and think before taking any vehicle. Take keen notes of every corner of the vehicle before plunging into a cruise with it.

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Being able to rent a car provides a number of benefits over relying on public transportation when you are travelling for business or leisure. However, not everyone can hire a car. The following items will be necessary before you approach a car hire company:

1. A Driver’s License

It should go without saying that you need to present a valid driver’s license before you can hire a car.

2. A Credit Card

Very few car hire companies will provide a vehicle on cash terms or through a wire transfer. Why? Because your credit card details provide them with a means to recover costs incurred should you keep the car for longer than originally specified, damage the car or simply fail to return the car.

The full amount for the car rental will be debited to your credit card before you drive away in the vehicle. Any additional costs will be debited when the car is returned. If you do not have the funds available for any additional expenses, the car hire provider will keep debiting your card until the funds are recovered or take legal action against you.

3. Insurance

It is essential to take out insurance when you hire a car. The insurance will cover the cost of any damages to you or a third party while you were driving the car. Insurance is not only for your own protection but is a legal requirement in the US. So make sure that the insurance provides you with third party or liability cover to pay the medical expenses and damages for any other person involved in an accident.

However, be aware that your credit card may provide you with some or total insurance cover for a rental car. Make sure that you contact your credit card provider in order to determine the terms and conditions of the insurance policy provided. Don’t go to the extra expense of taking out insurance until you have assessed your current policy.

4. Additional Driver Insurance

If any other person will be driving the car during the rental period, make sure that you list them as a driver and that the insurance will cover them. Your credit card insurance will not cover any additional drivers of the vehicle.

This will add to your car hire costs but will protect your pocket in the event of an accident. Driver’s under the age of 25 years will cost even more.

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Have you ever hopped into a buddy’s car and felt like you have forgotten how to drive? Well, maybe it’s not that you forgot how to drive, but it definitely can feel unfamiliar when you drive a vehicle that you are not used to. There are many different situations that can cause you to drive a car that isn’t yours. When this happens, use this helpful guide so you can have a safe trip no matter where you are going. <br /><br />One of the first things you should do is familiarize yourself with the vehicle. Don’t turn it or start driving until you know where all of the necessities are. Where are the lights? Make sure you know how to turn them on. Also, find the blinkers, windshield wipers, gas, brake, cruise control, and any other features you use on a regular basis. <br /><br />Also, figure out which side the gas tank is on. Some cars have the information on their dash, but others you will have to physically find on the car’s exterior. You will find this handy should you have to get gas in the car while you are driving it. <br /><br />Once you feel like you know where everything is, then get comfortable in the car’s seat. You may need to move the seat back or forward, up or down, or adjust the back. Make the seat as comfortable as possible and similar to your vehicle’s position. <br /><br />Then, adjust the mirrors on the vehicle. You should be able to see out of the side mirrors. The rear view mirror should also be positioned so you can see behind you. <br /><br />After that, you need to slowly start driving the car. Don’t go too far or too fast. A slow drive on a driveway or parking lot will allow you to get a feel for the car so you can safely drive and maneuver it on the road. Practice speeding up and slowing down as you get a feel for the gas and brake pedals. Knowing exactly what to expect will not only keep you safe, but will keep others on the road safe, too. <br /><br />As you can see, by getting yourself familiar with the vehicle that you plan to drive, you will have a safe trip. Take a few minutes to learn about the car’s features along with how it feels as you drive it, and don’t forget to get comfortable and set your mirrors.